Arise + 2 LP + 7" / CD

Arise! album cover

Title: Arise + 2
Format: LP + 7" / CD
Label: Alternative Tentacles
Year: 2000


  1. The Moor (instrumental)
  2. Axeman
  3. Fear Of God
  4. Largactyl
  5. Drink And Be Merry
  6. Spoils Of Victory
  7. Arise!
  8. Slave
  9. The Darkest Hour
  10. Right to Ride
  11. Beyond the Sun

Description from the Alternative Tentacles website:

Arise! originally came out on LP in 1985 as Virus 46, and was the first U.K. signing by Alternative Tentacles.The album was released as a CD on A.T.U.K. about 10 years later. Arise! + 2 contains the original 9 songs plus 2 songs that were previously never released. (They are 8-track demos)


No Sanctuary - The Spiderleg Recordings LP + 7" / CD

No Sanctuary - The Spiderleg Recordings album cover

Title: No Sanctuary - The Spiderleg Recordings
Format: LP + 7" / CD
Label: Alternative Tentacles
Year: 2000


  1. Battery Humans
  2. Control
  3. Progress?
  4. Sanctuary
  5. The Church Is For Sinners
  6. Sunshine Ward
  7. Moscow Madness (No Gods Part II - instrumental)
  8. Winter
  9. Beginning of the End
  10. Carnage
  11. Curfew
  12. Belief
  13. No Gods No Masters

Description from the Alternative Tentacles website:

In the wake of Crass, the UK birthed a large scene of anarcho-punk bands such as Subhumans, Rudimentary Peni, Flux Of Pink Indians, and, perhaps the best known of all, Amebix. Their seminal Arise album, originally released by Alternative Tentacles in 1985, remains one of the genre's ultimate statements, featuring elements of Black Sabbath, Motoerhead, and Venom infused with a healthy dose of early punk's gutter grime and Crass' confrontational imagery.


The Power Remains LP

The Power Remains album cover

Title: The Power Remains
Format: LP
Skuld Releases
Year: 1993


  1. I.C.B.M
  2. The Power Remains
  3. Chain Reaction
  4. Last Will and Testament
  5. Nobody's Driving
  6. Fallen from Grace
  7. Arise
  8. Drink and Be Merry


Power Remains is a sampling of the original Amebix at their high point, with one side featuring four demo out-takes from the Monolith LP, while the out has four songs (from Arise and Monolith) recorded at Bath, England in September 1987. This was the first post-break up Amebix collection album to be issued with the band's blessing by the German anarcho-punk label Skuld Releases in 1993, and the only Amebix album to remain continually "in print" up to modern times.

The studio side contains demo versions of ICBM, The Power Remains, Chain Reaction and Last Will and Testament, recorded in 1985 and 1987 and constitutes one half of the bands demo recording of the Monolith LP. The live side contains quality live renditions of Nobody's Driving, Fallen from Grace, Arise, and Drink and Be Merry.