Tau Cross (Members of Amebix & Voivod) Sign to Relapse Records

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www.thequietus.com - Jovian Bow Shock Prize 2012

"a go to example of why some reformations are really worth holding out for"


Lurker's Path Interview with The Baron

Lyrically, Amebix were unlike anything in punk and metal before or since, and their mystical worldview has defiantly resisted reduction to any stock ideology. If anything, they fall into a tradition of British visionary literature that runs from the ancient epic poems through singular figures like John Milton, William Blake, Aleister Crowley, and David Tibet. My chief aim in this interview, aside from the simple satisfaction of my own curiosity, was to bring out the neglected aspects of Amebix’s work.

Read the interview here: http://www.lurkerspath.com/2012/05/01/interview-with-amebix-rob-miller-i/

New Interviews

Here are a couple of interviews Rob did for Metalfan Romania:

Soundcheck 5 with Rob 'the Baron' Miller

Rob 'the Baron' Miller (AMEBIX): when crust meets doom

Metal Storm Awards

Metal Storm Awards 2011 - it's your vote!

We have been nominated for in the best alternative album of the year category in the Metal Storm Awards 2011.

Metal Storm is one of the world's largest metal webzines, and each year they run their annual awards in February.

Please visit their site and vote for us here.

Reflections of Darkness interview

Ray Dunkle's interview with The Baron for Reflections of Darkness magazine is now online for your viewing pleasure:


A Good Year

Sonic Mass has been appearing on a lot of year end lists, honoured by Metal Hammer at No14 in their top 20 for 2011, as well as making the lists of Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour)


Max Cavalera (Sepultura/Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy)


The Quietus


Corey Mitchell (Metalsucks)


Metal Review


It was a good year, we wish all our friends and fans old and new a very happy Yule and the return of the Sun. Hope to see you all in 2012.


Available from: Easy Action Records or digitally via iTunes . . .

Sonic Mass Release

Amebix new album Sonic Mass will be released through Easy Action Records on 23rd September.The street release date for the U.S is expected to be a week or so later, so we would like to offer North and South American buyers the opportunity to pre order from us direct, and your order will ship on 12th September, to enable you to receive your album the same time as European fans.*


Amebix in September 2011

The darkest hour is upon us. The legends have returned.

AMEBIX, one of the best-loved and most influential bands in heavy music, have spent the last two years working towards this, a defining moment in their storied career – the release of their first collection of all-new material since 1987.

A Picture of the three band members silhouetted against the skyOn September 20, 2011, upon the cusp of the autumnal Equinox, the new AMEBIX album will be released. Entitled Sonic Mass, these nine songs represent the past, present, and future of the band, and will enthrall and inspire longtime fans and new converts alike. As dark, crushing, and honest as anything on their classics Arise! and Monolith, but imbued with a lifetime of hardship, raw emotion, and eternal hope, Sonic Mass is the album AMEBIX have always wanted to create.