Colored Contacts Lenses

Categories of the contact lens

This article is dealt with the different categories of contact lens used by the people. In practical there are two categories in general lenses used for contacts by most of the people. These lenses are rigid and soft permeable of gas. For wearing the listed contact lens the people must need a prescription which is valid by the optimists. The following are the red eye contacts which are here to know. They are lens of soft contact, rigid lens, extended wears, disposal lens, comparison of lens. The remaining type are specialized lens orthokeratology and for decorative purpose by the people and some are completely occasional. With complete details lets us discuss about them in the following. These lenses used for contact have so many uses and the vision will be improved better than normal view. One of the main reasons for adopting these lenses are improvement of vision.

The complete information about the lens:

As mentioned earlier all possible type of the lens are about to discuss here. The soft lens usually made of the material which is flexible and very soft plastics. These plastics are capable of allowing the oxygen for passing through cornea. The contact lens is very easy for adjusting and comfortable than the other type of lens. The latest lens of soft material may include the hydrogels of the silicone for providing the oxygen of more quantity to their eyes for wearing lens. The rigid lens is very durable and most resistant for depositing the vision of crisper and clearer too. These are cheap and the life of the lens will be more than the other lens. The possibility of getting the tears is very less and very easy for handling the lens. But the people or the users of these contact lens should be hard at the beginning later on they will adjust to them.


The lens under the category of extended contact lens and can be usable for day and night used by the people. The range of the lens will be up to thirty days of duration. The extended lens is coming under the family of soft lens and made by the plastics of the flexible. The lens is designed by keeping in the mind that cornea needs the passage of oxygen. Extended lens can be wearable during the night time also and these are approved by the optimists. The lens and their length will depend on the type and evaluated by the professionals for tolerance for wearing in the night time. The point which is important for knowing about the eyes have rest for one complete night and followed by the removal of lens on the schedule.

The lens of disposal:

Most of the people who loves to wear the contact lens of soft are instructed for the replacement of the lens in frequent schedule. These are called the lens of disposal means use and throw purpose only. There will be some truly brand new for every day.